FaucetGame VIP test. Day 28, when 7 lotto prizes per day is fail

I fail to reach my conservative monthly goal so far. It means I fail to earn 100 000 Satoshi per day 6 days in a row. In fact, I fail to collect less. I recorded first net profit at 2 596 711 Satoshi level so to reach the conservative goal I could even fail with the daily target of 100 000 Satoshi. I failed everywhere. Six days passed and I’m still away from conservative goal. Is it frustrating? No. Tickets collecting tactic works perfectly, I win lotteries every day. Today I won 7 of them. It’s unbelievable but it’s true. More than 25% of lottery rounds I was in top-10 list. So today was my probably luckiest day ever. I used to think I’m 80 level troll. But lottery master is superior to me. Level 100 troll or even higher.

Daily profit

46 045


33 534 (469 + 13 923 + 533 + 12 861 + 2 985 + 307 + 2 456)

My balance performance on 20 March 2018
My balance performance on 20 March 2018

Seven lottery prizes per day. Big luck? Big fail, in fact. No big wins for 6 days in a row. And I think today I spoiled a lot of luck. So it’s going fine but not fine.

My goal reaching performance on 20 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 20 March 2018

Everyone knows no1fredd. He plays on the wheel and, sometimes, slot machine. He’s one of the most popular FaucetGame users due to his regular heavy rains (#4 in last rainmakers list). That’s why many players are concerned when he drops bet. Me, my favorite mod sassy13 and my beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ were concerned. I even wrote a comment on youtube page of a user no1fredd. I wrote to admin and to no1fredd but everyone took dropped bet slow so I decided to forget about it.

I know whyno1fredd drops bet. He tests a different number of spins. Wheels earnings are predictable. You can expect around 25% return of hourly bet. When you spin the wheel with clicks, you may refresh the page to stop animation. The wheel spins slow and every big win eats some time. For the high-level VIP player with a double bet, the jackpot is long animation. no1fredd is level 22 player and his jackpot is 2200. I don’t know how long jackpot animation runs but it sure takes time. Time needed to spin to win more. So I’m not sure no1fredd bet 1 on the wheel was a mistake.

The more spins or rolls the more chances to win. And to collect tickets in dice case. That’s why I dropped payout from 105 to 100. Pyout 100 is not as attractive as 105 from the maths point but it’s more time-saving in good hours. And some hours when I’m away are good. Some nights I have dice profit if there’re no secret helpers who silent tip me (I hope there’s no such helper). And my number of rolls dropped a bit after I switched payout to more promising 105. So I tried to run the most popular ticket collecting 100×10. The number of rolls dropped a bit more. I think it’s due to site lags, today dice was very slow for some hours. But I’m back to 105×10.

This chart name is Fail to reach performance in fact. The conservative goal is very close but honestly conservative goal is a fail. To deal with VIP normally you need to collect 4 mln Satoshi per month. 2.5 mln on next month package and 1.5 mln on withdrawal. So far I fail to earn 500 000 Satoshi profit. So my current balance, in fact, is lower than on VIP test start. I’ve spent 500 000 to upgrade to level 13. So I still owe myself some Satoshi. Lottery master owes me much. Today he gave me 6 prizes. Small ones. But I don’t care anymore if he will repay his debt. Ending balance matters. I’m tired to pretend an idiot with positive thinking. Some days ago I could write that 7 prizes per day are the great sign and it promises wins. Not today. Let’s be honest. This chart sucks. And I like it:)

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