Free bitcoins every hour. Learn how to get them!

Collect free bitcoin up to the value of $200 every hour is probably one of the oldest bitcoin faucets around. There are 4 ways to earn free bitcoins on this site and 1 way to lose. Allow me to guide you in each of these ways.

How to start

Registration at is very simple. Follow the¬†link, enter your active email, create a strong password and solve a captcha. That’s all!! You are ready to collect free bitcoins. All you need to collect your first free bitcoins is registration. It is an easy to use the site if you are new to the crypto world and do not yet have a bitcoin wallet. You then have time to choose a wallet which best suits your requirement. Anyway I would recommend to set 2FA right after registration. You would have to install the Google 2FA app, here’s the Android link.

How to collect free bitcoins

Solve captcha and press roll button. That’s all, you are free for 60 minutes. You may claim free bitcoin every hour. The hour starts after you have clicked the roll button.

How much will I claim?

The number of bitcoins that you can win depends on the bitcoin price. The biggest prize is equal to $200, smaller ones are broken down into the remainder. When bitcoin prices decrease, the reward goes up and visa versa, this could be seen in 2017. When I first claimed from in 2016 the reward was about 300 Satoshi. The lowest reward I have seen was 10 Satoshi. You have a chance to get $200 with one click. This is a real fact, but if you check the rewards table, you’ll see that it’s not easy. To get the first prize you need to hit exactly 10 000. So, a big win possibility is far from 0.01%. My biggest win is the third string of the rewards table or $0.2. But I hit something between 9986-9993 at different bitcoin rates. When I first got it, my reward was 30 000 Satoshi, not as bad with the current rates. Is it possible to hit 10 000?

Site founder started at bitcointalk¬†forum¬†a thread for users to share big wins. Here’s one of the comments from 26 December 2017.

I just won $20 at!

My user id is 4548198.

My winning seeds:…182
Screenshot link –

There is at least one post written by $200 winner. Someone posted this win on April 16, 2017.

If you’ll spend some time reading the thread, you’ll see there are mostly separated messages from just registered users. It’s normal and explained in the first message. founder wetsuit encouraged users to post big wins for a small prize.

Recently I have started asking users who win $20 and $200 at to start posting about their wins in the forum for a small reward in addition to their prize. To keep the place clean, I’ll be asking them to post it in this thread. Since has a lot more users than this forum, these posts might be from newbies but I have also asked them to post their winning seeds and a screenshot of their win to get the reward. Hopefully, we get a lot more people posting about their wins now!

That is why lots of posts are from newbies.

Everything you’ve collected accumulates at your balance. It changes after every¬†claim you make. You always see actual digits after login.

Bonus program

You get 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points for every Satoshi¬†claim. Lottery tickets are your chance to¬†win a huge prize every week. And rewards points are a money substitute you may spend to¬†buy something else at Every weekend there’s a promo on site, you get more reward points per claim. Multiplier varies from week to week. The biggest one I can remember is 5 or 10 reward points per claim.

To check stats you have to switch to rewards tab. Here’s what you see on the page.

Rewards tab at
Rewards tab at

Collecting reward points is a tough job and by being disciplined you’ll get about 300 points per average week. You may encash points to BTC. However, you would need not less 100 000 points for that. It may take years to collect enough points, but there’s the fastest way to get some profit from points. Don’t save them for something big, but choose your way to spend for something small.

You have three options to get some profit from your rewards points. Scroll page a bit to find them. Skip electronics, wallets, and certificates. You need millions of points to pick something up from these categories. You may deal with three bottom lines. There are bonuses added to every claim you made at 24 hour period.

No matter what are you going to do with reward points redeem then at the very beginning of your day. I don’t know your sleeping style but you are human and will take breaks from time to time, so it is pointless to get rewards for 2-3 claims.

Get more free bitcoins for points

You may use points to collect BTC. To choose this option click to free BTC bonus string. You may pick up from 10% to 1000%¬†bonus. Please, note bonus will increase only base claim and will be¬†multiplied by this bonus. There’s no point to pick 10% multiplier up with current base claims at 15 Satoshi. I’m not sure about 50% multiplier too. But it’s your tactics and style, so you chooseūüėÄ

Is it profitable? No. Exchange of 100 000 points will give you 100 000 Satoshi and if you spend 3 200 points, you’ll get 10 times more then minimal claim. For 3 200 points, you have 24 hours of 1000% bonus. But keep in mind no one will solve captchas for 24 hours. You’ll hardly make more than 15 claims per day. With current rate, you’ll get around¬†0.5 Satoshi¬†per point. Not much but way better than nothing.

Collect rewards points to get more free bitcoins

You may increase your points using your points. To collect more just click to reward points bonus string, choose an amount and start.

For 1 200 points, you will get 100 points per claim. Again it works for 24 hours and it has point in case you’ll make 13+ claims. 12 claims you need to¬†get points back and after that, your points balance will grow. The same maths works for any reward. So don’t claim rewards if you are not sure about claiming all the day long.

So you may combine tactics and spend collected points to claim more bitcoins.

Collect lottery tickets to win free bitcoins

The third way to deal with reward points is collecting lottery tickets.

Win huge amount of free bitcoins every week

The lottery is huge BTC given away on Sundays. It’s very difficult to win. Let’s do little maths. If you will be extremely disciplined you’ll make 13-14 claims per day. Each claim gives you 2 tickets so every day you’ll get 26-28 tickets. Let’s round up to 30. Thus, we have 200 or so tickets per every lottery round. Good¬†news is you get tickets for nothing but claim. The bad news is there are more than¬†400 mln tickets every week. So your win chance is much less than 1%.

Winner gets around $10 000 in bitcoins. Is it for real? Is there’s someone who’s ready to give away this huge amounts of bitcoins for free? I believe so. Here’s bitcointalk¬†thread about the¬†lottery and message from one of the¬†winners.

here is the copy of email about my winning in the lottery
I not maniuplated/edited this picture, it is as-is..
PS: I am not owner/cooperator with wetsuit/ , also i am not hunting for referrals, just saying, it works and paying

I’ve seen some of winners messages at bitcointalk. So, I want to believe the lottery is fair.

Site owner bewares fair and openly. There was some issue with one of lottery rounds. After some days I got an email:'s email on lottery fail’s email on lottery fail

What shall I do with free bitcoins?

You need no reason to be in a hurry. First of all the withdrawal limit is 30 000 Satoshi. With current claim rates, you will collect them for a while. The second thing is withdrawal fee.

There’re three types of withdrawal at and three different fees. The lowest one applied to the¬†weekly payment. It’s 3 000 satoshi and you’ll get your¬†money next Sunday after enabling auto withdrawal. If you don’t want to wait for your bitcoins, you have to pay a higher fee. It’s based on blockchain fees, so numbers may change from time to time. To know actual fees just click on withdraw button and check tabs.

Fees make minor transactions too expensive. It’s not fault, their withdrawal fees are very reasonable. It’s hard to find lower fees.

I would advise not to withdraw at all. You can get interest¬†for keeping bitcoins on site. Compounded 4.08% per year is a great rate. Every earned bitcoins will be added to your balance automatically from the moment your balance reached 30 000 satoshi. To prevent¬†fraud admin adds interest at random time every day. Here’s what written on site.

Daily interest will be calculated at a random time everyday @ 0.0109589% per day and rounded down to the nearest satoshi.

Another point is a fork. As you are aware there’s always some fork coming to bitcoin. What does it mean for the user? If you have some bitcoins, you’ll get new coins. It’s profitable but a bit complicated. If you keep bitcoins in your own wallet, you have to install wallet for new coin and claim it using private keys. If you keep bitcoins at the online wallet, everything would depend¬†on the¬†service provider. supported all the major bitcoin forks. Users got both bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold. It means users had nothing to do at all. One day you will log in and TadUm!! there’re new coins in your balance.

Never try to multiply your bitcoins!

There’s one way to lose your satoshi¬†at Here’s what it called on site.

Why not try to multiply your bitcoins up to 4,750 times by playing a provably fair HI-LO game!

The game is fair, the house edge is not big. You may google lots of ‘working strategy to win¬† hi-lo game’. No one of that ‘strategies’ works. The most common advice you’ll get is to use so-called¬†martingale. In short¬†martingale idea¬†is doubling bet after each loss. Thus, player sooner or later will get original bet back. Sounds reasonable but martingale doesn’t work. If you follow this ‘strategy’, sooner or later you will lose your satoshi. Here’s what wiki writes on martingale.

The gambler usually wins a small net reward, thus appearing to have a sound strategy. However, the gambler’s expected value does indeed remain zero (or less than zero) because the small probability that he will suffer a catastrophic loss exactly balances with his expected gain. (In a casino, the expected value is¬†negative, due to the house’s edge.) The likelihood of catastrophic loss may not even be very small. The bet size rises exponentially. This, combined with the fact that strings of consecutive losses actually occur more often than common intuition suggests, can bankrupt a gambler quickly.

I checked it myself. Once I’ve lost 2.2 million Satoshi with one click. I didn’t believe in the martingale, just was curious enough to check. My settings for auto bet¬†was x5 initial pay out with reset to x2 at¬†a loss and reset back to x5 at a win. It works for some time but then I got a streak of 21 losses in a row. Never try to do what I did and your coins will be safe.

Mine with your browser to collect free bitcoins

Another way to get free bitcoins is setting up browser mining. I’m not sure if makes this offer to every user now. Some time ago they called the option ‚Äúexperimental‚ÄĚ. I can mine with my browser, but I don’t do it, it makes my MacBook Air too hot. If you have more powerful PC or laptop, browser mining may work.

As far as I understand, mines with your computer Monero and then exchanges it to bitcoins. Honestly, I don’t remember how much I mined, but it was pennies, so I decided to rather spare my laptop. Good news is never mines without your permission. If you have mining option, set it up and watch for some hours. Follow ‘use your browser to passively mine and earn bitcoins!’ link from your account, set up preferences and do whatever you did before. If you don‚Äôt like the results or¬†your computers reaction, you can always cancel mining.

Safe ways to earn free bitcoins

1. Claim free bitcoins every hour

Set up timer alarm so as to not to miss a claim. But the shortest way to regulate claims is including them into your daily agenda. My way is funny. I’m a hard smoker, so I use to smoke less. I don’t let myself smoke more often than I claimūüėÄ Works for me. Claim free Doge at the same time you collect free bitcoin at the sister site in a tab next to I see no extra effort in solving and extra captcha.

2. Claim more free bitcoins with reward points

Collect more reward points and claim your free bitcoins bonus.

3. Get free bitcoins interest rate

Keep more than 30 000 Satoshi in your balance. Every day will add some Satoshi to your balance with this interest. Not much but you get it for doing nothing.

4. Test free bitcoins browser mining

Spend 2 hours to test if browser mining works nicely for you. It did not work for me, but my laptop was too weak.

5. Avoid Hi-lo game

Never try it. I did it for you. And lost 2 million Satoshi, remember?

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