FaucetGame VIP test. Day first, purchasing

How to buy FaucetGame VIP package

My decision to buy FaucetGame VIP package was fast. I can’t afford to spend too much time on site but I feel it may give some profit. I can’t click all day long, that is why I decided to spend 0.025 BTC to purchase VIP. A crucial feature of VIP accounts is autoplay. You may run any game and step away. I’ll write about my goals and tactics in next posts. This one is about how to buy VIP.

Buying VIP is easy but confusing. All you have to do is to go to VIP page, scroll down and fill needed fields. You’ll get BTC address to send 0.025 BTC. I did so.

My confirmed transaction
My confirmed transaction

What to do next? Here’s what written on FaucetGame:

To complete your application for VIP status please follow the instructions below.

Please send 0.025 BTC to the address (long address, you know how they look) Admin, Moderators or e-mail us through support page with your TXID and VIP length. Please include: Username & VIP duration.

It can take up to 12 hours before you account VIP status is activated.

I failed to understand what does it mean so I followed my feelings. I’ve filled ticket to support and wrote a private message to booster, the only visible in chat moderator for the time.  Here’s what I sent to support:

I’ve recently sent 0.025 to buy VIP package for faucetgame
My username is dude, site email is…@gmail.com
Please find transaction details under the link
Do I need to perform some extra efforts? Or all I have to do is to wait for transaction confirmation?
This ticket may be duplicate from filled earlier. I got a weird message after filling previous one:

For security reasons, you must pass the remote ip to solvemedia

I know neither what do you want to tell me with that message nor what shall I do. Anyway, I hope you receive messages somehow.
Thank you!

I made minor changes to the original message. Removed email and fixed mistype. Here’s go advice.

How to send support tickets on FaucetGame?

This question is not as funny as you think. Scroll any FaucetGame page down and find a link ‘Support’. It’s tricky a bit. Many users confused with a message ‘For security reasons, you must pass the remote ip to solvemedia’ after filling support ticket’. What does it mean and what do you have to do? Let me translate. It means you have to log in your FaucetHub account first. And then you have to start support ticket filling from FaucetGame. Sounds weird but don’t judge it, just accept it. And it’s anyway good practice is to keep a copy of any message to any support service unless you are sure it’s sent.

How long does it take to purchase VIP on FaucetGame

Message on site is not absolutely correct. Up to 12 hours doesn’t work properly. My transaction is confirmed around 14 hours before the time of writing but I’m still a regular user. booster wrote me that it will take up to 24 hours and this timing looks more reasonable. Again don’t judge just accept it. From what I see admin gives VIP status with his hands. And he’s only one while there are many of us.

Let’s wait while I’ll get VIP. It will be time to write what do I need it for and what am I going to do. I will honestly share every number and finding. Keep tuned.

Update. Actually, I got VIP in ~25 hours after purchasing. Here’s next post about FaucetGame VIP test start.

Do you like my idea? Use /tip dude … in chat. Any help is very welcome. I highly appreciate any feedback. Feel free to contact me via freebitcoinstips@gmail.com. I love comments but hate spam. That’s why the only way to comment here is to ask me to create an account for you. Feel free to ask via email. All you need is to write from an email you want to use on this site and write your FaucetGame nick. It will be the same here. I care about privacy so please use an email you are not afraid to share with a stranger.

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