FaucetGame VIP test. Day 9, never fix what isn’t broken

This is the ninth post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. Another great day. Yesterday I wrote I will not touch my auto roll settings. And I didn’t. Well did but only a bit.

Daily profit

237 471


252 897 (3 653+29 882 + 45 014 + 174 348)

My balance performance for 01 March 2018
My balance performance for 01 March 2018

Daily goal is over-fulfilled. I’ve made the first withdrawal from FaucetGame ever. 50 000 Satoshi are in my FaucetHub wallet and waiting for 2 450 000 more. My beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ told me to withdraw. And I always follow my angel’s directions.

My goal reaching performance
My goal reaching performance for 03 March 2018

Never fix what isn’t broken

I love big data and underrated it when started test. I checked hourly performance all the time. These numbers are useless. Too small data for analysis and too much time to collect it and make tactical decisions. That’s why I decided to let VIP package do what it’s created for: run for me an auto game I chose.

I didn’t waste time with hourly stats. VIP was my new toy so some days I checked numbers with a big passion. So it was fun for me.

Never fix a running system

When I tried to play dice manual (I failed), I dealt with limits. Before the start, I set a loss limit and take profit one. After reaching one of them I stopped. With auto roll I set limits but they are softer. I left my balance to mistress Roxy for all night long in the end. So it’s funny to check stats every five minutes after a 7-hours run. All you need to know when dice is bad you are losing Satoshi with average speed ~400 per minute.

Mistress Roxy Jezel in a bad mood
Mistress Roxy Jezel manages my balance all night long (c) Roxy’s official site

I made minor changes from time to time today. Tested some new payouts and watched dice performance. Two hours were extremely bad. I’ve seen 40-minutes streak with no win on payout 105. It may be longer, I left laptop to run auto game and didn’t see numbers for more than an hour. I didn’t escape and got some wins but not the lottery. Next time I escaped from dice because Roxy mood was extremely bad. I got 100 tickets for ~5 000 and I’ve seen no winning number for 5 minutes I spent to check performance. Neither my side (I run low most of the time unless I test something) not opposite. Not every escape works. You know there are times when wheel eats your balance. But it spins not as fast as dice rolls.

I see no point to make any major changes to my strategy. I collect tickets for a reasonable price for 24 lotteries every day. I win lotteries. Today I got another 4 prizes from 24 rounds and made a solid profit from it. I’m doing fine.

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