FaucetGame VIP test. Day 8, some great news

This is the eighths post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. I have 3 great news today.

In the previous post, I told you how I managed to cut losses from dice. I had a plan to continue to fight with losses today but I failed to follow it. I had no time for that.

Daily profit

36 812


77 351 (1828 + 27 388 + 203 + 47 338 + 644)

Daily goal is not reached. But this day is great.

Balance for 28 February 2018
Balance for 28 February 2018

Great news number one. Everything goes nice

The day before yesterday I decided to rethink results. I did. I’m winning. I got 5 lottery prizes for last 24 hours. They are not big but it shows that my initial strategy works. I have tickets for 24 lottery rounds every day so my chances to win are much higher than any strong dice player who rolls with hands. And I hit some lotteries every day. Prizes are not always big and tickets purchasing costs are too high sometimes but in common I do right things in right time.

Progress to 3 000 000 Satoshi goal for 27 February 2017
Progress to 3 000 000 Satoshi goal. 24 days to run

I’ve got 77 351 from lottery today. Tickets price was high, my dice loss netted at more than 30 000 Satoshi. I could cut this loss but I didn’t do it. First, I had no time for that. So I decided to trust Roxy and forget about the loss. I checked stats sometimes but I didn’t care even when dice was bad and ate my balance. Right at the moment of writing I see 8 000 loss and 400 tickets for 40 minutes and do nothing. It will be repaid either by dice or by lottery. Why is that so? Because I’m winning lotteries and dice in common is not as bad as I expected. +50 tickets right on words ‘I’m winning’. +50 more tickets to prove repayment expectation. I didn’t even care to stop auto roll while collecting my hourly stats. I failed to collect it most of the hours because I was either busy or somewhere in the city.

Great news number two. I leveled up

Today I spent first 500 000 from VIP earnings. I’ve upgraded to level 13 and now my color is the same purple as palmy’s one. Well, right now I’m blinking yellow. bigred95 says it’s gold but I think it’s yellow. From another point, I see colors like every male.

Gold or yellow? I don't care
My favorite color is that with which my name is written on the first place of the lottery winners list

Everything that matters, my color is same as palmy’s💜. Why did I upgrade? My beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ told me it’s not a bad idea to lower balance. Say withdraw or level up. And lottery master may become more loyal. I always follow my beautiful angel’s directions, they always lead me right. And you know what? Right after the upgrade, I won the lottery prize. It was neither first nor second but the third one is not bad too. And now my color is the same purple as palmy’s one. It’s absolute win-win.

Well, i love palmphun💜 and bestfriendalice❤ but let’s pretend to be more serious. Why did I upgrade? Because I feel comfortable with my goal. And tomorrow I’ll withdraw first 50 000 Satoshi.

Great news number three. Why VIP is needed

I’m tired of checking stats and trying to cut losses. So I’ve fixed old Zenbook and it will run auto rolls 100×10 for next 24 hours. I will not touch it whatever happens. My test goes great so far and I see nothing I have to fix. Trying to make things work better is fine but I’m done for now. And another point is data. 24 hours give not too much data for analysis and conclusion. That is why I will leave my balance to Roxy and lottomaster. Sure I will watch it but I will do nothing unless I like numbers and progress. And I have 756 upcoming lotteries.

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