FaucetGame VIP test. Day 7, mixed tactics

This is the seventh post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. In the previous post, I promised to change tactics.

Daily profit: 94 464

Lotteries: 43 263 (2081 33860 6401 921)

Not bad day. No big lottery prize but I managed to step very close to the daily target of 100 000 Satoshi.

Balance for 27 February 2018
Balance for 27 February 2018 looks better. Daily goal is failed but not much

Conservative goal of 3 000 000 Satoshi per month of VIP is far away, but progress looks nice.

Progress to 3 000 000 Satoshi goal
Progress to 3 000 000 Satoshi goal looks way better than yesterday

My test longs only a few days but some conclusions are clear. My initial plan is collecting as many tickets as I can and spent on that as less as possible. The first point is not as hard. Run 100×10 and wait. Problem is the second point. Here’s my stats and you can notice that I lost on dice. The only way to get profit is to win a big lottery prize.

Yesterday my loss from dice was more than 20 000 Satoshi and the lottery gave me 35 000. Net profit of 12 000 is a huge loss in fact. I spent 2 500 000 to purchase FaucetGame VIP package. So I need at least 100 000 Satoshi per day. Once I had an even more awful day, only admin’s big rains helped me to grow balance a little.

Why did I lose as much? I was happy with 100×10 auto roll and lost control. Roxy is sure a girl. A girl with special preferences. Never mess with Roxy. She can make you happy but she does it her own way and only when she wants to. Here’s a link to her website. And here’s her photo.

Real Roxy
Mistress Roxy Jezel is based in Austin, TX but travels frequently on tour to other States. (C) official site

Roxy is attractive but dangerous. So I did some job on mistakes. There’re only two ways to make profit bigger. You can increase earnings or cut losses. The best thing is if you can combine and earn more while spending less. Today I worked on loss cutting and improved my numbers.

My rolls stats for 27 February
My rolls stats for 27 February

Most of the day Roxy was extremely nice to me. I had some meeting around a city so there were some hours when I didn’t touch dice, just set auto roll 100×10 and I did my stuff. In the table that periods are 13-16 and 17-18. As you see Roxy was great. I collected some unknown number of tickets and earned some profit.

I improved my tactics a bit. Every hour in the rain moment I stop autoplay, record my balance and set a loss limit. It takes not much time and I can afford to do it if I’m not far from a laptop. I open dice page from time to time and check number. If I see dice is bad and I lose too much, I escape to the wheel. Sometimes I escaped from good dice after 5-6 wins in short period say 5 minutes. I run auto spin for 5-10 minutes and then go back to dice.

I hunt the lottery tickets and will hunt them in future. But today I got profit from dice and tickets for every round I awoke. Next step is improving earnings. It will take more time and tomorrow I will be busy. So I’ll test loss cutting tactics for one more day.

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