FaucetGame VIP test. Day 6, time to rethink results

This is the sixth post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous post is about my first day with an auto roll.

My today profit is 12 098 Satoshi. It’s almost 10 times less than the 100 000 per day goal.

My balance progress for 26 February 2018
My balance progress for 26 February 2018🤣

I have 2 lucky days and 2 not lucky days so far. And today very moderate profit added not much my goal progress is almost the same as yesterday.

Goal progress for 4 days of test
Goal progress for 4 days of test still looks nice. But today I added nothing

Auto roll is a really cool feature. All you need to do is to keep game page active. Everything else depends on the preferred game. If you spin wheel, run auto and forget. If you roll dice, it’s not a bad idea to check progress from time to time. Even on more conservative ticket hunting 100×10 you may lose notable sum. Happened to me last night when I managed to collect 300 tickets for 9189 Satoshi.

Today I was afk for many hours, that’s why I mostly run 100×10. Dice was not good for me at all for last 24 hours. I got 4 lottery prizes: 1412, 5962, 17226 and 10670. It’s 35270 Satoshi in total and my net profit is less than that. It’s way far from my 100 000 per day goal and I want to think this day is worst ever. But it’s not. There will be days when I’ll spend more and there will be days when I’ll get more profit.

My tactics from the very first day of the test were simple. I set 100×10 and run auto roll to collect tickets. It works, I have tickets for 24 lotteries of 24 every day. And I win lotteries. The bad news is these wins not always covering tickets purchasing costs. Like it happened today. Or the day before yesterday when I got profit only because of big rains by admin. Actually, that day was worst so far, I lose.

It’s not a surprise. I was curious to learn how much will I earn from lotteries with tickets for all of them. I still don’t know, numbers are jumping. In fact, today is the fourth day I calculate profit from my experiment. So it’s too early for any conclusion. Two first days of VIP I failed to prevent my notebook from sleeping mode so I actually run 24-hour autoplay for one day. But it’s already clear that I have to think about ways to earn without lotteries. I will continue 100×10 test for 2-3 next days. But I will mix some tactics little by little. I have limited tools list and you know it. So you can predict my steps. But let me think I keep intrigue.


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