FaucetGame VIP test. Day 5, my first 24/7 auto roll

This is the fifth post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous post is about a regular day and my goal.

This day was special. I run auto roll for 24 hours first time ever. And it worked great.

When I awoke I’ve seen solid balance increase. My good night balance was 558 581 and good morning one – 711 130.

What happened to my balance? Surprise, I won some lottery prizes. Thank god I have great helpers. My beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ and my gorgeous idol palmphun💜 provided me screenshots of my wins. There were 3 wins while I slept. First one is small 7th prize 1 286, the second one is 7th 11 521 and the third one is 1st prize 131 113. I was lucky to catch 3 more prizes, 40 500, 2 478 and 34 294.

So my total lotteries profit for the first 24-hour run is 221 192. It’s 122% higher than my 100 000 daily profit goal. And it’s good because yesterday I failed to reach it and earned around 30 000 Satoshi. Not a surprise my balance progress is nice.

My balance progress for 25 February 2018
My balance progress for 25 February 2018

Here are 2 important numbers. My total profit is 220 676 and profit from the lottery is 221 192. It means I netted loss on dice. Digits are more or less clear because today I didn’t throw rains and made just a few tips. I didn’t catch big rains as well but got something from smaller ones.

Anyway, goal progress is great for today. I catch record profit.

Goal progress for 3 days of test
Goal progress for 3 days of the test is 15%. Looks impressive but let’s not forget about good days and bad days

Some of you asked me about rolls numbers. I think the clearest numbers are night ones. I slept for 7 hours and no one touched my laptop. The total number of rolls at night was 11 737. So it’s easy to calculate an average number per hour and per minute. It was ~1676 per hour or ~28 per minute. When I use the laptop and see win, I refresh the page to save animation time. But most of the time I’m doing stuff in other browser or tab so I think my average number of rolls is hardly far away from 30 per minute.

How many tickets do I catch per hour? I honestly don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This number is very different from hour to hour. I collected some numbers and put them on a table. Hour column is a number of an hour. We are weirdos here who use 24h to check time except nice am/pm thing. So you can see I fell asleep at 3 am and checked numbers at 10. Others columns meaning looks clear. The total is a sum of my P&L from an hour and lottery win. I still work with the table that’s why you see a weird number in the last row. I stop auto at rain moment, input numbers, check lottery winners list and add my win when I got it.

As you see I’ve lost most of all on higher than 100 payouts. Think about it when you’ll feel frustration from 0.02 at your 201×10 bet. Crazy runs are nice but they must be budgeted properly.

What if I'd bet 1000x600
A winning number is a winning number. Take numbers slow. Color matters

And you see I got very different results on 100 payouts. My average number of tickets collected for the time is 840 and I see no point in this digit. Lottery prize matters, a number of tickets doesn’t. I see no system on a number of tickets and lottery prizes. The biggest number I was lucky to catch was 1100 and I got no win from them. I will collect this numbers for some time, if you want to, feel free to look for a system. Here’s a link to the full table. Feel free to ask any questions in chat when I’m online or write me to freebitcoinstips@gmail.com, I check this email daily. Any feedback is welcome. Also, you can ask me to check some of your ideas. I love tests and if I’ll consider your idea as suitable, I’ll check it. It doesn’t hurt me to change settings and tun them for an hour or two.

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