FaucetGame VIP test. Day 4, regular day

This is the fourth post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous post about my first profitable day.

Let me explain first what is profitable and what is a regular day from my point. I spent 2.5 million Satoshi to buy FaucetGame VIP package. I want to get my money back. And I like VIP options very much. So if I’ll be lucky to get profit from my test, I sure will prolong it. So my conservative goal is 3 million Satoshi per month. In this case, I’ll collect enough to prolong package and repay 1/5 of my initial investment. My huge goal is 5 million Satoshi per month. In this case, I’ll prolong VIP and get total repay of my investment. Any extra profit will make me absolutely happy with my investment. Let’s be conservative and calculate my progress from point of 3 million. To reach it my net profit has to average 100 000 Satoshi per day. So profitable day for me is a day when my net profit more than 100 000 Satoshi.

Is 100 000 Satoshi per day reachable? Yesterday I was lucky to make 200 000 Satoshi. And that is why I don’t spin the wheel. My current level is 12 and I can double bet with VIP package. With 24 bet I expect average earnings from wheel around 50 000 Satoshi per day. If I will be lucky, it will reach 70-75 000 Satoshi. Way far from goal. The only tool I have is dice. And the only tactics I can use is collecting tickets for lower price possible. It means I take the loss from dice slow and consider it as tickets cost.

Yesterday tactics worked perfectly. Let’s calculate. I made 27 252 rolls and earned 203 976 Satoshi. Every roll gave me 7 Satoshi. From another point, I won 2 lottery prizes more than 240 000 Satoshi. I spend something for tips and rains. It’s clear I had a loss from the dice but it was covered with the lottery.

Today I failed to reach 100 000. I got two minor lottery wins and was lucky to catch lots of admin rains. Without rains, my balance should fall. I make some records when have time. Let me show you some of them.

Some stats from dice
Some stats from dice

I tested different payouts, running auto roll for 60 minutes with each of them. As you see I got mostly loss. 5351 profit was partly from a big rain I was lucky to catch. I got around 3000 Satoshi from it. The rain was funded by mexicantarget, my favorite and beloved mod sassy13 and some generous players I failed to catch names.

So my today profit is from rains. Here are final numbers.

Net profit for 24 February 2018
Net profit is nice but it’s way far from 100 000 Satoshi goal🤣

Why are my today results so poor?

First, they are not poor. Just a regular day without luck injection. “Well 440k is where I draw the line, time for a break in feeding Roxy”, – a quote from one of strongest dice players rgm17.

Second, my VIP test is too short. I think I will show you losses one day. And the day is closer than I want. And my test was not absolutely correct for first two days. I failed to spend time and prevent my laptop from falling asleep. Today I fixed an issue. So I hope this night will be my first ever with auto roll 100×10.

As you’ve seen from the table above I changed payouts from time to time. There are some reasons for it. First, it’s a test and I can afford to check some ideas. Second I often see winning numbers for higher than 100 payouts. There are many 0.07 and lower ones. Right now I switched to the game page and caught 0.05. That is why I run some rounds 225. I failed to get profit and collected fewer tickets. It’s fun to hunt 1000 payout. But my goal is not blinking in chat. My goal is net 100 000 per day, remember?

It may hurt to see 0.05 with 100×10 bet. Not my case. What if is good for memes only.

What if I'd bet 1000x600
A winning number is a winning number. Take numbers slow. Color matters

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