FaucetGame VIP test. Day 33, that’s all folks:)

I’m in purple. And I’m at level 14. It means my net profit for the month of the FaucetGame VIP test is over 1 mln Satoshi. Lucky nines worked perfectly. My beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ and my gorgeous idol palmphun💜 watched me, that’s why plan worked. Extra is not big, total net profit is 1 025 327 and I failed to perform some tests because I failed to collect extra profit in time. But I’m absolutely happy with my test results.

Here’s my overall performance chart for 30 days.

My plan was to collect tickets for 24/24 lottery rounds every day. I didn’t expect profit from dice. In fact, I was ready for the dice loss. I aimed to the lottery prizes. My plan worked, I won lottery prizes every day.

When running the dice non-stop you have to follow one of two tactics. You can either don’t touch it (my and some other players case) or help it with manual games. The second tactic looks more reasonable, you can play with big bets or high payouts and earn more. But I’m not strong dice player and on the test beginning, I decided to perform some big bets sessions only in case of good overall performance. As you see from the overall performance chat I reached the conservative 3 mln goal too late and I never had extra balance for additional tests. In fact, I was not sure if I’ll collect enough to upgrade to level 14. Last minutes 1st lottery prize gave me enough for the upgrade.

Lottery prizes won

I won 114 lottery prizes for 30 days. I was very lucky lottery catcher. 30 day would mean 720 lottery rounds so my possible win percentage would be 15%. In fact, it’s higher. I failed with laptop settings so it took me some days to run dice 24/7. And I’m not sure about one invisible period. My dears bestfriendalice and palmphun did a great job to help me with data collection but they are humans and they can’t watch every lottery round. So 114 is probably low number and 15% is for sure low percentage.

I won 3 666 044 Satoshi from lotteries for 30 days. In fact more due to some missed data. So I won more than 100 000 Satoshi per day from the lottery.

Total rolls

My total number of rolls for 30 days of VIP test is 1 227 843. It’s not much and here I see the nice way to improve results. This number could be bigger a bit but I missed lots of rolls due to settings fail. Some days I decreased the number of rolls myself when I had time for that. I tried to cut loss and escaped from hungry Roxy. But the main reason is my hardware fail.

Costs of tickets

Loss from the dice is not as big as I expected. My net profit is 140 717 Satoshi less than lotteries earnings. These numbers are not absolutely correct, I made some rains and gave some tips. And I get some rains and tips. I hate to calculate my rains and tips so let’s think it’s break-even and 140 717 is tickets purchasing fee.

My incoming balance on the day of VIP start was 325 912 and I recorded 2 179 246 as my balance at the end of the test.

Final balance
Final balance

I spent 1.2 mln Satoshi on two upgrades. I started the test at level 12 and now I’m level 14. Up to date I made 23 withdrawals of 1 150 000 Satoshi in common (right now I made 24th withdrawal so total is 1.2 mln Satoshi already). I will make 27 more withdrawals to cover Coinbase and FaucetHub fees. So my actual balance is around 96 000 Satoshi right now. I feel great with the number because I don’t plan to play dice in next days.


VIP is nice. The auto game is a great feature and it works great.

The crucial part of VIP package is hardware. My MacBook with 8Gb RAM handled non-stop dice but I think weak hardware is an important reason for my bad performance for last 2 weeks.

You don’t need huge incoming balance to start non-stop dice. I was afraid 300 000 Satoshi is not much. I was wrong, this number is fine.

Will I buy VIP again? Yes. I need some rest and I need to solve my hardware issues. Then I will blink yellow in chat again.

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