FaucetGame VIP test. Day 32, nine rounds to go

Tomorrow I will awake in the purple. And I love this thought. My gorgeous idol¬†palmphunūüíú¬†wears purple in the chat. And I will be like palmy. My VIP will expire around 9 am in the morning and I will sleep because it will be Sunday. So when I’ll check in to the site, I will be a¬†regular member of purples club. So when I’ll awake this bird will flow away. And you know what? I’m happy. And I’m not kidding.

Daily profit



No data. One visible prize of 432 but there is sure at least one more prize

My balance performance on 24 March 2018
My balance performance on 24 March 2018

My net profit so far is 846 046 Satoshi. I’m just 160 000 Satoshi away from a¬†million. I have reserved tickets for last 9 rounds of the lottery and I have lots of nines in my closing balance on 24 March.

My goal reaching performance on 24 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 24 March 2018

Well, I hope to be exactly like palmy and level up to 14 after my VIP expiring. I don’t need much for that. I’m just¬†2 big lottery prizes away from level 14. And I had 2 weird days with 7 lottery wins in a row. First one was a¬†big fail and the¬†second one was the day with record profit. So everything may happen and I reserved tickets for every upcoming lottery round. There are will be 9 of them. And 9 is the¬†lucky number in palmy’s country. And I want to be like palmy. So this circle looks nice. And I hope my beautiful angel bestfriendalice‚̧¬†will have¬†time watch my wins. It always works.

I’ll be happy whatever will happen to my balance when I’ll awake. I honestly get a bit tired of the test. The issue is hardware. I told you yesterday that I failed to get myself ready to run auto game. And I had to use my regular laptop. It’s uncomfortable. And my MacBook is tired. Here’s my rolls number chart.

Growing line shows my efforts to manage an¬†auto gameūüėĬ†First two days I failed to find correct energy saving settings. Then I switched 2 laptops and number grows. And then my Zenbook declined to play my game. I gave up and never turned my MacBook off for more than 2 weeks. It’s too much. Time to shut my laptop down and give it a rest. I need it for the¬†job. What does¬†this chart show? Most of the¬†VIP¬†players have better hardware. Today niao¬†shared his stats and my number of rolls lower for around 40%. Well, niao¬†plays dice with hands and I don’t. But his minimum number is higher than my average. I did never need a¬†powerful laptop for my job. My MacBook suits my daily needs great. And FaucetGame site is much over my daily needs. So I have big space for new tests and I will run them very soon.

Not big news in my overall performance chart. First weeks of the test were not great but nice. Then I slowed down much. I think the problem is hardware. And I will fix it.

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