FaucetGame VIP test. Day 31, hardware matters

I’m lucky lottery catcher. No day without lottery prize since I’ve bought FaucetGame VIP package. My initial plan to collect tickets for 24/24 lottery rounds every day works great. The worth result from point of prizes won is 1/12. It means I never got less than 2 prizes per day. From point of Satoshi result is not as good. Every day since I run VIP test there are some prizes of more than 200 000 Satoshi. And my average daily earnings is slightly more 115 000 Satoshi. I fail to catch first prizes.

Daily profit

54 967


42 126 (2 213 + 39 443 + 472)

My balance performance on 23 March 2018
My balance performance on 23 March 2018

My net profit since the test start is 827 970. If you are lucky dice player, you may think it’s not much for 29 days. For me this number is great. I’m not a dice player and I’d never collect as much without VIP. I have a day and a half of VIP to go and if my net profit will reach 1 mln Satoshi I will feel very fine.

My goal reaching performance on 23 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 23 March 2018

What do you think is the crucial part of successful VIP running? Choosing correct payout? Right bet? Watching and switching to higher bets when Roxy is giving? Think again.

The point of VIP package is non-stop playing. Whatever game you choose, every hour you don’t play gives you loss. And it means before purchasing VIP you’d better ensure your hardware will handle this task. The more powerful hardware you have, the better. I tested 2 laptops. Basic MacBook Air and middle Asus Zenbook. Zenbook has 4 Gb RAM, MacBook 8 Gb. MacBook works well, Zenbook failed. My Zenbook works under Windows 7 so I didn’t try Edge. I tested Chrome, Opera, Firefox,¬†and Torch. Zenbook managed to run dice for 12 hours on Chrome and failed with every other browser. Sometimes browser froze, sometimes laptop crashed.

Double check your hardware before purchasing VIP. Double check your power and connection before purchasing VIP. My hardware issues is a reason why I don’t buy VIP for next month. I would love to run the test more but I’m uncomfortable with using MacBook as FaucetGame workstation while I need it for my job. So I’ll take a break to find a solution. And here’s my most valued advice for those who want to try VIP. Do understand which exactly way are you going to run non-stop games.

My overall performance chart still looks fine. Well, it’s actual name is “The lottery prizes collected” but it anyway looks fine. 33 more lotteries for me. 3 is my lucky number from the point of numerology.

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