FaucetGame VIP test. Day 30, whining time again

It’s great to have followers. It means people read what I write and consider some my ideas acceptable. I’ve done calculations and reset payout to 105 some days ago. A bit later I’ve noticed that many players run payout 105. Some of them did it long before my calculations, some of them followed me. I know for sure the site legend thesparrow followed me. And you know what happened? He wins lotteries and I don’t:)

Daily profit

19 729


4 384 (766 + 3 618)

My balance performance on 22 March 2018
My balance performance on 22 March 2018

No big lottery win, no big profit. My plan is to collect tickets for every lottery round works. But sometimes it works not as good as I want. So no big changes in monthly performance.

My goal reaching performance on 22 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 22 March 2018

Am I lucky from point of lotteries? Yes and no. I don’t like dice and almost didn’t play it with hands. I avoided dice until level 12. After reaching the level, I started to play dice little by little. With a huge help of my beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ and my gorgeous idol palmphun💜. I played dice 27 days before purchasing FaucetGame VIP package. I rolled around 31 000 times per 27 days. And I manage to get around 45 000 loss from that number of rolls. In fact, dice was not as bad for me, I was curious to test martingale and I did so. And my one-day loss record is around 22 000 now (well, not record, biggest loss ever I get on Freebitco.in site with martingale). Net dice test result was good for me. With a help of lottery master, I netted 19 000 profit. I won five prizes of 64 000 Satoshi in common. No one was big but it covered my dice learning loss.

5 prizes for 31 000 roll is not bad at all. When I purchased VIP, stats improved much. For same 27 days, I won 106 prizes of 3 446 903 in total. It took me 1 091 064 rolls. Can I consider myself as lucky lottery catcher? Yes and no. I never got something really big from the lottery. My record lottery profit is 291 000. It’s nice but sometimes lucky players got much more. The funniest lucky unlucky day ever was March 20, when I won 7 lottery prizes but it gave me around 35 000 Satoshi. And next day I got 7 prizes but it was the day with record profit. So am I lucky with lotteries? I think yes. I get prizes often and some of them are nice.

2 days and 8 hours of non-stop dice for me. The conservative goal is reached but I have no extra balance to planned big jumps. I mean some rolls with my max bet 650. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. FaucetGame for me is a place where I have lots of friends. And my bestfriendalice❤ and palmy💜.

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