FaucetGame VIP test. Day 3, first profit

This is the third post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test’. Previous is about the start of my VIP package.

How does VIP work

brenhardy asked me today if auto play is as comfortable as she thinks. I replied that it’s much more comfortable. In fact, it’s unbelievably comfortable. You choose a game, press auto play button and do whatever you want. Here’s how it looks on dice.

Don’t be overimpressed with a short roll. In fact, they are much longer. I see no difference between manual clicks and auto roll from point of profit so far. You know that even easy to take 100×10 may give you big losses.

Auto play runs while you keep site active. It works fine if you switch games. No need to press a button to run auto play again if you switched from wheel to slots.

Auto play works while you do something in other tab or browser. All you need to do is to keep game page opened. brenhardy, do you feel excited? I told you.

If you prefer manual clicks, a crucial feature for you is no captcha. You may click as fast as you want. Until your VIP package is active.

How much did I earn

I set some of the personal records today. The most pleasant one is profit record. The second one is rolls record. My net profit for first 24 hours of VIP is 203 976 Satoshi. Let me show you stats.

My stats for first 24 hours of VIP at FaucetGame
Net profit is solid 203 976 Satoshi. I never earned as much at FaucetGame in one day

This number is not absolutely correct, I spent something on tips and rains but the difference is not as big. And I get some tips as well. My beautiful angel ❤bestfriendalice❤ sent me good vibes at the time I lost Satoshi.

How did I manage to earn as much? I didn’t. I was lucky to win 2 lottery prizes today. First one was not big but very important.

Lottery prize 23 February, 2018
My first prize for today is 25 915

It looks not as big but I was loosing ~20 000 Satoshi to the moment it arrived. I can’t tell I feel frustrated with losses, dice is unpredictable game. But this win covered my losses in a moment. And then it happened. I won first big lottery prize ever.

Biggest lottery prize 23 February 2016
208 752 Satoshi skyrocketed my daily profit

That is how I earned 203 976 Satoshi per day. What does it mean? Nothing except 203 976 Satoshi net profit for a single day. I was lucky to catch 2 lottery prizes. Dice was different. I run 100×10 and it ate my balance first, then I started to get some minor profit. I didn’t record tips and rains so I can’t calculate properly.

Here’s what I learned from my first full day VIP on FaucetGame.

  1. You don’t need huge balance to test auto roll 100×10. I was afraid my incoming 300k is not much. When dice was bad I lost ~3 000 Satoshi per hour. No one knows how long will dice be bad but you hardly need millions to start your own test.
  2. Check your laptop settings. I went to bed excited about an upcoming night of auto roll. In the morning I found my balance almost the same because my laptop felt asleep almost same time as I did.


  1. brenhardy
    February 24, 2018

    Hey, very impressed by tests, sure it will help me make my decision as to when and if ever I will buy VIP.
    I look forward to more tests and reviews Keep up the test and feedback.
    Great stuff!! xxx

    1. dude
      February 24, 2018

      I don’t ask about test xxx I ask if you are excited about how autopilot works?😀

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