FaucetGame VIP test. Day 27, big wins are still coming

Tickets hunting is a weird business. You roll, you have tickets, you win the lottery, you fail to win the lottery. Tickets for 24 rounds from 24 is a great tactic. All you need to win is luck. I have no point to complain, I win something every day. My overall progress looks nice. It took me 20 days to repay 2.5 mln Satoshi for VIP package. But my luck has gone since then. My average profit dropped to 65 000 Satoshi per day, last time I earned more than 200 000 Satoshi the day before repaying VIP. My average earning for first 20 days of the test is around 130 000 Satoshi. And it’s dropping. Yesterday number was 119 000 Satoshi, today it dropped to 117 000 Satoshi. And you know what? I don’t care.

Daily profit

64 326


17 610 (11 865 + 5 745)


My balance performance on 19 March 2018
My balance performance on 19 March 2018

The weirdest day ever. Nice Roxy and no big help from lottery master. Most of my today profit came from the dice. Goal progress looks nice but could look better. I’m just 80 000 Satoshi away from the goal.

My goal reaching performance on 19 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 19 March 2018

I had two points to start FaucetGame VIP test. The first point is I hate the dice. And I understand that dice is the only way to earn on the site. So I looked for a way to play dice without playing dice. I neither like nor understand the game and I honestly see it as boring waisting of time. I have neither passion nor interest in the “roll of chance”. My second point was to learn if it’s possible to earn at FaucetGame and spend not much time on site.

What’s my impression? Playing dice without playing dice is possible. Auto roll works fine, Roxy gives tickets for 24/24 lottery rounds every day, lottery master is a great guy who is always ready to help. But earning something without spending time is hardly possible unless you are extremely lucky. Let’s calculate. You spend 2.5 mln Satoshi to purchase VIP package. If your level is under 15, your daily withdrawal limit is 50 000. To withdraw daily and repay VIP package from the FaucetGame balance you need average 150 000 Satoshi per day. Is it possible? Absolutely. Will you gain this? No one knows.

To ensure 4.5 mln earnings you have to make some extra efforts. More likely play dice with higher bets or payouts. Some of the VIP players do this, some doesn’t. Those who never play dice manual are lifetime VIPs. Their maths is different and ROI is longer. But with the monthly payment, you have to watch earnings every day.

Will I play dice manually? No. I don’t like the game and I don’t want to play it. Today Roxy was great and generous for me. One hour was very nice. I got 33 wins, 1716 tickets, and around 16 000 profit. My previous record was around 15 000 profit from dice per an hour.

When Roxy is nice
When Roxy is sweet

Take when Roxy gives, escape when she takes. The golden rule of dice player. Every dice player would try to take something in such a great hour. Higher bet or payout. Something. Not me. I didn’t even watch numbers much, just checked them twice. And watched a bit when high tickets number made me curious.

I like to post this chart. It’s nice and it shows that my plan is fulfilling. But I don’t care about it anymore.  The goal and the day I’ll reach it mean nothing. What’s important is my balance at the end of the test.

Do you think I feel frustrated? No way. I feel bored. Tickets hunting works fine but following results is really boring. Thanks VIP, I have to do nothing with hands to collect tickets. I’m happy with my test so far. I repaid VIP package and upgraded to level 13. Should I upgrade without VIP purchasing? More likely yes, my average earnings from wheel and rains were around 10 000 Satoshi per day. My net profit from VIP package is around 300 000 Satoshi so far. And it’s very close to what I could collect from the wheel. The great point is time-saving. I didn’t spend the time to spin the wheel and I love it. I did some researches and calculations. I feel much more familiar with dice now. But I’m still not going to play it. I don’t want to force myself to do what I don’t like and don’t want to.

Will I buy VIP package for next month? I want to do it but ending balance matters. I have 5 full days and 8 hours of VIP. It’s 128 lottery rounds and I will have tickets for each of them. And lottery master owes me a lot.

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