FaucetGame VIP test. Day 24, the more the better

Lottery master did great homework. Yesterday he was a fast shooter with small arrows. Today he changed arrows to bigger ones and slowed down shooting speed. So I got 3 lottery prizes and yesterday there were 5 of them. So I need more. I always have a nice day when lottery master owes me something.

This is the post #24 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous day profit is 97 215.

Daily profit

154 476


160 888 (128 816 + 31 273 + 799)

My balance performance on 16 March 2018
My balance performance on 16 March 2018

I reached daily target early. But now I care about overall performance much more than about daily numbers. Today my total net profit reached 348 402. I’m one big lottery win away from the conservative 3 million goal.

My goal reaching performance on 16 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 16 March 2018

“The only real advise I can give anyone about Roxy is try and learn about number strings, and random number generation in general, then learn to feel Roxy, she will still kick you in the ball all the time though no matter how much you think you know about her :P”, – wrote rgm17 yesterday. This advice is really great. Number strings and random number generation sound exciting. Patterns and cycles. Watching and thinking and watching again. It’s all good but you need only one crucial skill to play dice. And it’s strongly connected to mathematics.

The only real thing to help you fight Roxy is following limits. Set your daily loss limit and never pass it. Everyone decides on how much he can lose every hour. But the daily limit is untouchable. Do I follow the rule? Yes and no. I sleep and doing stuff in real life. So I leave my balance under Roxy management for hours. It’s funny to pretend to be a limit follower in my case. But when I can check Roxy’s performance more or less regular, I keep limits in mind. And if I don’t like Roxy’s mood I can switch to safe wheel or falling fortune. I don’t understand slots so I run to machine only if I have the daily bonus collecting plan. Most of the time I just let Roxy do what she does.

When you run dice 24/7, the most interesting parameter for you is a payout. To select right payout I’ve calculated potential profitability. Sure there’s huge approximation in the numbers. Here’re numbers for 100/124 range. I consider it’s affordable to leave without watching for some hours.

Profitability of some payouts


Well, I would hardly leave payout 124 to run for a long time. But from what I see there are a lot of players who run some payouts around this. The only reason is tickets collecting. With payout 100 you’ll get 50 tickets, with payout 124 – 112. I don’t know how it will work for a long run. I run 105 so I need 0.94 and less to get 52 tickets. I see 0.95-0.98 from time to time. And it’s my loss from point of tickets. Other attractive mathematically payouts need the lower (maybe higher in your case) number. So it’s up to you what to choose. I run 105×10 and from what I see many players followed my tactics. Thank you for reading, friends😀

And another point, I don’t believe in a power of the tickets number. The more the better doesn’t work in the lottery. Luck matters. And probability.

I can’t manage luck but I manage probability by running dice 24 hours per day. I have tickets for 24/24 lottery rounds. And it works. My overall progress looks great and I have 201 more rounds to improve my numbers.

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