FaucetGame VIP test. Day 23, underrating

Lottery master aimed well today. And shoot not bad. He even did the right correction for wind. The only mistake of the lottery master is arrows size. He chose small and moderate arrows and I expected big ones. But target accuracy was great. I can’t complain about 5 lottery prizes won. And tomorrow coming a nice day.

This is the post #23 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous day profit is 105 263.

Daily profit

97 215


67 887 (33 769 + 1 676 + 225 + 1 719 + 30 497)

My balance performance on 15 March 2018
My balance performance on 15 March 2018

Daily target is unreached a bit. But the day was very nice and lottery master tried hard. 5 prizes from 24 rounds is a great result but prizes were not big. My overall net profit is 193 926 Satoshi so far. Still not much but 9 days more to run so it will be much bigger.

My goal reaching performance on 15 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 15 March 2018

One of the weirdest days ever. Roxy was nice but not nice, lottery master was great but not great. Roxy’s common behavior is to take, to take, to take and then to give. Today rule was different. She either gave or took. After watching numbers I started to switch games from time to time. If there was no green number in 5 minutes, I hid under the wheel. I was forced to do so by results of the two hours with around 5 000 loss each.I tried to stop loosing by changing payouts but it didn’t work, Roxy ate. Combining games helped me to cut loss. I missed another two hours when was too busy to watch numbers. My loss for that 2 hours is around 8 000.

Payout 105 worked fine. Today was one of the rare days when I got a profit from dice. I didn’t calculate daily numbers to compare payouts but I can tell for sure that I’m netting a profit after resetting to payout 105. I run it for the 4th day in a row and my dice profit since resetting is around 50 000 Satoshi. This payout mathematically is more attractive than 100 and probably most attractive than any other tickets giving payout. I’m not ready to share numbers yet, the table is big and I have not much time for data inputting. But I will share probable profitability of payouts soon.

And here goes my favorite part of a daily VIP test post. Perfect goal reaching chart. It looks better with every day. And it will look absolutely perfect after 30 days of the test. I have 225 lottery rounds remaining. And my supporters are perfect. There is my beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤, my gorgeous idol palmphun💜, soft skills goddess brenhardy and many other perfect persons in my support team. And this team is perfect.

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