FaucetGame VIP test. Day 21, 10 000 to VIP purchasing repaid

Today is a¬†big day. My gorgeous idol palmphunūüíú¬†made this day perfect. She won 5 big lottery prizes, three of them were first. I performed not as well as my idol but day was great for me as well.¬†brenhardy¬†would probably tell wowowo. I’ve collected 2.49 mln Satoshi since the test start. So I ended the¬†day just 10 000 away from the¬†total repayment of VIP package price.

This is the post #21 in series ‚ÄėFaucetGame VIP test‚Äė. The¬†previous day¬†profit is 160 530.

Daily profit

251 413


246 617 (11 597 + 1 440 + 227 224 + 6 356)

My balance performance on 13 March 2018
My balance performance on 13 March 2018

The monthly goal is 5 first lottery prizes away. To repay VIP package price I need to collect 10 000 Satoshi more. And to reach the conservative goal I need 500 000 Satoshi. Progress looks great.

My goal reaching performance on 13 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 13 March 2018

My new payout works fine. I tested 105 for 24 hours and I see no reason for changes. It gives lucky tickets and either affordable loss or profit. Any profit is fine for tickets collecting tactic. I got free tickets for 24/24 lotteries every day.

I see attractive winning numbers under 0.09 from time to time but I’m not ready to hunt for big numbers yet. I will think about it after reaching the monthly 3 mln Satoshi goal. So I didn’t touch dice most of the time. I escaped from dice twice. First time I escaped from lag. Dice was too slow so I escaped to wheel and pinko. Another time I escaped from loss. 105 is not hard payout, I need to hit number under 0.95 to win. And when I’ve seen 2500 Satoshi loss I thought it’s time to take a break. It helped in short, I’ve got a¬†green number after 70 rolls or so.

Roxy was very nice. Sometimes frighteningly nice. Here’s an hour statistics.

1508 tickets with 105 payout mean 29 wins per hour
1508 tickets with payout 105 mean 29 wins per hour

I’ve collected 1508 tickets. It means 29 wins with payout 105, I get 52 tickets from every win. A win every 2 minutes is an extremely good result. Keep in mind that I don’t manage high/low, I always¬†run low. My profit for that hour was 11 990. Not a surprise Roxy became a bit greedy but I take dice loss slow and consider it as a¬†price of the tickets. My overall progress chart looks nice.

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