FaucetGame VIP test. Day 20, payouts testing

Google knows nothing. Enter to search box ‘all you need are’ and wait a second. Google will give you some suggestions. The first suggestion is correct. You need friends. Books, tea, and smiles are not bad stuff at all. But Google misses one very important for FaucetGame players thing. You need lottery tickets. Google doesn’t know it and Google is wrong.

Google knows nothing
Google knows nothing

This is the post #20 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous day loss is 27 295.

Daily profit

160 530


182 535 (1807 + 180 728)

My balance performance on 12 March 2018
My balance performance on 12 March 2018

One first lottery prize is all I need to reach the daily 100 000 target. Well, not every prize. To cover loss from the dice and earn 100 000 I need to catch 150 000 from the lottery. Today I overperformed. And it’s very good, two previous days I fixed losses.

My goal reaching performance on 12 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 12 March 2018

Never fix what isn’t broken. It worked for me since the test start. And I got another prove today. When I checked stats in the morning there was nothing new compared to 2 previous days. Roxy was in feed me mode and no big win from the lottery while I slept.

FaucetGame dice is weird game
Mistress Roxy Jezel is an elite, highly acclaimed Dominatrix and Kink specialist that practices safe, sane and consensual BDSM and Fetish play

Changing payout looked reasonable and I set 105 instead of 100. And it worked, I got around 8 000 profit for two hours and lots of tickets. And then I decided to test higher payouts.

I reset payout to 207 and watched for an hour. 721 ticket and 7 000 loss may hardly be considered as a good result but I’ve seen worth performance on payout 100. Next hour I changed settings to more conservative 203 and hit nothing for 30 minutes. It’s around 1200 rolls. So now you know that 1200 lose in a row at 203×10 is possible. I reset payout to 1000 and watched some more minutes. After no green number, I dropped to 105 and switched to other stuff. Not a surprise this hour was my worst hour since the test start. I’ve lost around 15 500 Satoshi to collect 312 tickets. And won nothing from the lottery.

I changed settings back to 105 and next hour got 180 000 from the lottery first prize. My 780 tickets worked perfectly and I lost 711 Satoshi to collect them. Does it mean I’ve found a magic payout 105? No, it means I was lucky to catch the first prize after the hour of running 105×10.

My overall performance chart looks much nicer after today lottery win. And what’s nicer, 24/24 lottery draw idea works.

Lottery hunting tactic is risky, it depends on luck. But luck depends on probability. And I win a lottery prize every day. Yesterday I got two of them. But prizes were not big enough to cover dice losses. And two previous days were very hard from point of the dice. Today my tickets purchasing costs were not as high. Everything goes great. And my beloved lucky charms bestfriendalice❤ and palmphun💜 are with me. I’m lucky and happy with my lucky charms. They are great.

I need 260 000 Satoshi more to repay VIP package price. And then profit.

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