FaucetGame VIP test. Day 2, start

This is the second post in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test’. If you want to follow my story from the beginning, please read FaucetGame VIP test. Day 1, purchasing.

My VIP account was activated in ~25 hours after confirming the transaction. Here are my incoming stats.

Starting balance and number of games played
Starting balance and number of games played

The most important numbers are incoming balance and games played. It’s easy to notice I used to be absolutely wheel guy. Everyone loves Roxy and if you’ll check 12 level players stats you’ll probably see much more rolls than spins. I kept away from dice until level 12. I had a reason. I told a heartbreaking story about losing 2 000 000 Satoshi with one click in Freebetco.in (a website where you may collect free bitcoins every hour) review. But with VIP I will run auto roll on dice.

As you see, my incoming balance was 325 912 Satoshi. I run auto roll while writing and my balance was decreasing. The goal of the game is the lottery. I got 650 tickets for 400 Satoshi for the first hour of test. Manual rolls could give either better results or take more Satoshi. Dice was very bad that hour. Lottery pot was small, first prize winner got 78 584. When dice is good, pot is over 200 000. Anyway, I got nothing from my first auto roll lottery ever.

You are probably interested in how VIP auto options look. In fact, VIP’s see same old FaucetGame with one extra button.

FaucetGame auto play button
As you see my balance decreased more. Loss is more than 5000 per hour for first two hours🤣

On a win, you have either refresh the page or watch the animation. Even same kucoins in new tab when you click somewhere on the page.

My goal is clear. I spend 0.25 BTC for monthly VIP package. So if my balance will be less than 2 500 000 Satoshi after 30 days, I’ll consider test results as negative. If it will be higher, I’ll think what to do next. Let me explain my tactics and strategy in next posts.

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