FaucetGame VIP test. Day 19, loss again

I loved my yesterday test on how much will uncontrolled Roxy eat. And performed it again. Well, I did fight with my Windows laptop to force it run dice 24/7. My gorgeous palmphunūüíú¬†recommended me Torch. It works nicely so far and I hope it will work hereafter. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to install Windows 10 and try Edge. Torch works, my tickets collection plan works also. But not as good as I want it to go every day.

This is the post #19 in series ‚ÄėFaucetGame VIP test‚Äė. The¬†previous day¬†loss is¬†18 735.

Daily profit

– 27 295


18 446 (18 007 + 439)

My balance performance on 11 March 2018
My balance performance on 11 March 2018

It happened, I have loss second day in a row. And my goal performance goes worth. But the biggest news is¬†huge lottery pot for one hour. It was¬†343 928 Satoshi. I’ve never seen pot as big.

I’ve withdrawn another 50 000 today. I failed to make a withdraw yesterday, time was too uncomfortable.

My goal reaching performance on 11 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 11 March 2018

When I started FaucetGame VIP test, rgm17 warned me after the¬†first day with¬†a profit. He told me there will be days with 40 000 loss. I trusted. Today this day came. And it came the¬†second¬†time in a row but with a¬†bigger loss. Is it a surprise for me? No. The lottery is random and tickets for 24/24 rounds just make a¬†probability of a win higher. And there are may be many possible hour endings. I can hit nothing or I can hit nothing as well as a first prize or a small one. Yesterday I got 4 lottery prizes and it was a¬†loss. Today I got 2 prizes and it’s lost. In fact, a big first prize reaches daily goal easy.

Well, I didn’t hit big prizes for two days in a row. What’s now? Nothing so far. I will run dice 24/7 to collect tickets. I collect expensive tickets last days but I have them for 24/24 rounds every day. And Roxy seduces me with high payouts all the time. 0.08 and less looks nice and I’ve seen them many times. The problem is I didn’t spend too much time watching. I got flu or cold and I fight with my laptop.

So higher payouts are coming but let’s go step by step. First I have to ensure that my dedicated laptop works fine. Then I’ll spend some time watching. And will perform a test with a payout higher than 100. I’ve collected payouts and winning numbers on the table so I have a tool to select some nice number. My idea is when I lose on 100×10 I have winning numbers for higher payouts. So there’s a chance to collect more tickets and to spend not as much. Sure I will never leave high payout for hours. But some hourly tests look¬†fine. And I have funds for a test. I will watch.

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