FaucetGame VIP test. Day 14, lottery master when there’s danger

This is the post #14 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous day profit is my biggest for now 250 000.


226 053


251 463 (403 + 274 + 95 038 + 155 748)


300 000

My balance performance on 06 March 2018
My balance performance on 06 March 2018

Today Roxy did what she’s born for. She ate my balance all day long. But she did it with lady’s grace and didn’t make a big hole in my balance. My net dice loss today is around 10 000 Satoshi. I tipped and made some rains. It’s hard to collect all that numbers and I don’t want to calculate how much I share when I can. So I don’t overdo to estimate them. My key point is the monthly goal, I’m doing nice and I’m ready to pay Roxy tickets fee.

My goal reaching performance on 6 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 6 March 2018

Who will rescue you if Roxy’s mood is bad?

I don’t know if lottery master Chip or Dale. But he’s the only one who always helps FaucetGame players.

Everyone likes to see big dice wins in chat. I’ve seen many of them with my own eyes. Some jannie4075’s 1 mln rolls, crazy wins of my beloved mod sassy13, asarcoje’s million and hundreds of thousands, you say it. A big win looks nice in chat. But all we have to keep in mind is what’s going on in the background.

Sometimes we are lucky. I won 1000×10 while collecting daily bones on roll #9 once. And sometimes you may hit nice payout on a first click. When you see a big win, one of two thoughts comes to your head. ‘That user did so I can do it too’, – the first one. And it’s reasonable, you can do it. ‘How did that user hit as much?’, – the second one. It’s hard to keep being calm when you see something like this.

My dice skills suck. When I look at jumping numbers, all I see is jumping numbers. No feelings, no insights, no patterns. Click. click, click and jump, jump, jump. Well, now I have VIP package so I see click once and see jump, jump, jump. I love to chat and love FaucetGame people. So I asked many of strong players about their tactics and strategies. I told to many strong players. FaucetGame people are extremely nice and they are easy to share knowledge. I’ve heard lots of tactics and strategies. Some of the players believe in lucky numbers and lucky time. Others try to predict a winning number on previous winning numbers. One day I’ll start strategies series if I’ll get enough permissions to share.

But the base of every strong player’s strategy is the same. Never go beyond the limit. You can’t manage profit, dice is random and the game has the house edge. But you can manage loss. ‘What if Roxy will give on next click’, ‘I can’t lose 1000 rolls in a row on 100×10’. Have you ever thought that? Roxy may give on next click but she sooner will eat your bet. And you can get 1000 loose rolls in a row on any payout. I’ve seen 40 minutes of loose rolls on auto and it’s around 1200 rolls. When Roxy is in ‘feed me’ mode, be ready to lose.

FaucetGame dice is weird game
Mistress Roxy Jezel is an elite specialist that practices safe, sane and consensual BDSM and Fetish play

But never go beyond the limit. Here’s a quote from one of the most passionate players.

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