FaucetGame VIP test. Day 13, what to do when Roxy is hungry

This is the post #13 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous day profit is 190 000.


250 287


252 434 (59 521 + 91 644 + 19 457 + 81 812)


250 000

My balance performance on 05 March 2018
My balance performance on 05 March 2018

My biggest profit from FaucetGame ever. And nice step to my monthly 3 mln Satoshi goal.

My goal reaching performance on 4 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 4 March 2018

As you see, I’m lucky with lotteries. I win some prize every day. And I think it’s about probability. I have tickets for 24/24 rounds of the lottery. How many tickets do I have per round? It’s a hard question. First, I don’t follow stats for more than 12 hours from 24. Second, the number varies much from day to day. Yesterday I averaged with 790 tickets per visible hour and won 148 977 Satoshi. If you are strong dice player you probably can do better with manual bets. I never manage high/low, the biggest change I make is escaping from eating dice to the wheel. When I have time and passion to do so.

I was busy today. Lots of job and traffic jams kept me away from auto game major part of the day. I didn’t like the day start, when I checked the balance first, the loss was around 12 000 for 9 hours. I had some stuff to do and stepped away from the game. Roxy ate another 7 000 for next two hours. I was busy and decided to stay in the auto mode. Roxy did her best and started to give what she took earlier.

When I had free time, I checked the balance and tried to cut losses from time to time. But I was fed up with that soon and transferred control to Roxy. And Roxy didn’t fail, I had minor profit from dice all the day long. Roxy began to eat balance closer to the night but I didn’t care much. Lottery master was nice to me today. I made some moderate rains and saved something for pleasant stuff. I like to share but after I set 3 mln per month goal I share carefully. I write it to explain that dice was not bad to me at all today. I honestly don’t remember how much did I spend on rains but it was surely more than 2 000 Satoshi. So I netted some profit from dice.

Any conclusions from what I’ve seen today? Not much honestly. First, 24 hours is too short time to collect analyzable data. Second, dice is unpredictable. I consider dice as nice for the second day in a row. But there were days when dice was not nice at all. If you are thinking about purchasing FaucetGame VIP package. keep in mind that on bad days you will lose 30-40 000 Satoshi per day. And these the lottery prizes may cover these losses and may not cover them.

I think it’s phisycally impossible to lose more than 40 000 Satoshi per 24 hours if your bet is 100×10. 11 days is not as long experience but I never lost more than 30 000 Satoshi on dice per day. And most of the times these losses were covered by lotteries with a nice profit. Even if you have The Very Bad Day, animations will eat time. Yes, you have minor chance to lose 450 000 Satoshi per day. But do you believe in 45 000 losses in a row with 100×10 bet? It’s probably possible but the possibility is miserable.

Today I’ve made biggest profit on FaucetGame ever. My goal is closer and my lucky charms bestfriendalice❤ and palmphun💜 are with me.

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