FaucetGame VIP test. Day 11, how repayment works

This is the post #11 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous post is my first lost since test start.


132 522


143 923 (224 + 105 636 + 31 837 + 4763 + 1463)

My balance performance on 03 March 2018
My balance performance on 03 March 2018

I’ve made my third withdrawal from FaucetGame. Now 150 000 Satoshi are in my FaucetHub wallet and waiting for 2 350 000 more. You remember that my beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ told me to withdraw. My beautiful angel is my lucky charm. So lotto master was nice to me today and gave me 5 wins from 24 rounds. When my beautiful angel was offline, I felt help from my gorgeous idol palmphun💜.

I consider 5/24 as extremely lucky day. And I didn’t stop after the fifth lottery win. My progress is nice but I want more.

Today I mixed tactics again. My laptop mostly run auto roll but I checked results from time to time. And if Roxy was too hungry, I hid on the wheel. Yesterday I fixed first net loss since test start. But it was no reason to cut losses. I feel comfortable with my progress. I did so because the daily target was reached early but numbers were thin.

My goal reaching performance for 3 March 2018
My goal reaching performance for 3 March 2018

I hid on the wheel when I got some profit from dice also. I consider the lottery as the only absolutely random process on the site. And the number of tickets is just a digit.I’ve heard lots of stories about no hit with more than 3 000 tickets and first prize with 100. I won ~20 000 with 106 tickets once. So when I’ve got tickets and profit, I switched to the wheel. Once it worked, I got a minor prize for 400 tickets. And I’ve met that win on the wheel. Numbers on dice jumped too fast, I used to consider it as ‘feed me’ mode. Hit and run tactics didn’t cover my losses but helped to cut them.

My hit and run accounting is plain. I know that without a green number I will lose around 400 Satoshi per minute. I average around 28 rolls per minute and VIP user experiences the same animation issues on wins what rgm17 calls ‘fake wins’ when numbers are jumping as like you win but you see a red number in the end. Here how wins look like.

So I believe if the site works normally and there are no fake wins I will roll around 40 times per minute and lose 400 Satoshi if there’s no green number. It’s all you need to know about my accounting. If I’m ready to lose 2 000, I will roll for 5 minutes and escape to the wheel after red streak. On a win, I think a bit. I may stay on dice or go back to the wheel. It takes time and I use hit and run only for fun or for some reason.

Today this reason is I was very thin in numbers all the day. My daily target is 100 000 net profit and I spend some time to cut losses to reach this goal. It’s pointless, to be honest, but today I saw things this way. Why didn’t I switch to the wheel after hitting 100 000? I collect tickets for 24 lottery rounds every day. Today it worked perfectly again.

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