FaucetGame VIP test. Day 10, first loss

This is the post #10 in series ‘FaucetGame VIP test‘. The previous post is about my most profitable day on FaucetGame so far. This one is not about profit.

Daily profit

– 27 401


2 317 (1489 + 828)

My balance performance on 02 March 2018
My balance performance on 02 March 2018

Today I got probably most expected thing since the test started. I got a loss. Roxy was regular for me. Some hours I got a profit, others I got a loss. My dice loss on the regular level around 30 000 per 24 hours. It’s an indicator if you are considering on purchasing VIP. Whatever happens, you will probably lose 30-40 000 on dice. And your profit depends on a lottery. You know it from my previous posts.

My goal reaching performance for 3 March 2018
My goal reaching performance on 3 March 2018

I didn’t try to stop Roxy. I didn’t even collect daily bonus today. Earlier I used daily bonus collection to make breaks when dice was bad. My today plan was to see what bad day looks like. Now I know. It looks nice. And my loss is from non-stop rolls for 24 hours. Manual players lose more than 30 000 at bad days. But I never set bet more than 10 for the auto roll.

I’ve made my second withdrawal from FaucetGame. Now 100 000 Satoshi are in my FaucetHub wallet and waiting for 2 400 000 more. My beautiful angel bestfriendalice❤ told me to withdraw. And I always follow my angel’s directions. Today my beautiful angel performed escapades on a beautiful island. And my beautiful angel is my lucky charm. So lotto master was not nice to me today and gave me just 2 wins on a miserable 2317 in total. From another point, he was nice to my gorgeous idol palmphun💜. And gave her some nice prizes. So the day was great.

There was an interesting discussion on VIP topic today in chat. devinmetante, majestic12, and sweet_an6el shared maths and thoughts. I think you will enjoy it as much as did I. I caught the end of the conversation and was busy a bit so I failed to copy quotes authors. I put them by memory and will be thankful for mistakes fixing. I didn’t fix mistypes.

L22 VIP is a profitable but long investment


dude, from level 11 l22 is 63.65mil, assuming average wow churn 24/7 at level 16 (x2 with vip) is about 75k/day, you can expect to upgrade to l22 (assuming there is opening) after 848 days of paying 2.5mil vip / month or or July 2020 assuming btc fluctuations dont decrease wow earnings 🙂


majestic12, i wrote long time ago that on my level direct purchasing of lvl22 is way more profitable than buying monthly vips to climb there 🙂


dude, I would agree with you on L22 – profitable but big investment

Monthly VIP as investment


devinmetante, you can look at player like samx who has won 92mil in lotto, not all of roxy tickets would have qualified, but total roc play lost 4 mil from 2.27 in bets, so assuming no lotto tickets were purchased then profit has been 88mil in 2 (est) years or at least 3.5 mil/month … extreme case though


yeah samx is an extreme case. He’s probably one with the pioneers here. I think lotto playfield is not as competitive before – i’m only speculating. I’m waiting for dude’s whole month VIP test.


devinmetante, i do also did the accounting, ang 2.5M per month aint enough…. we all know there this withdrawal limit, max level can only withdraw 100K per month right? so 2.5 from VIP then aroung 500k reamianing (for 30days in month) and that IF you withdraw everyday without a miss


sweet_an6el, I’m actually reconsidering that. It isn’t easy to recover 2.5M per month. I need more inputs from VIP players


hein, there’s a point that it’s not worth it. You need to find a way to get at least 83k daily which isn’t easy. Dice is tricky, and wheel wont be sufficient at low levels. Need to play the games smart.


devinmetante, upgrading up to the max level is guess the smartest move than getting VIP,, well…. its just according to my calculation.. if you are lv18 and 50k per day, that is only 1.5m a month, wont be enough to replace the 2.5m you spent for a month VIP (IF THAT IS, if you paid it from external wallet) but if you think you have always extra earnings per day that exceeds your daily withdrawal limit, you may use it for VIP (since its just an extra)

devinmetante, thanks but lag has subsided 🙂 as to recovering vip cost, if it was profitable you would see a lot more vips, if it was easy to do wity auto roxy then there would be a waiting list for vip “out the door”


sweet_an6el, As long as you can accummulate 2.5M a month, VIP option is good. Just keep the extras for withdrawals and upgrades. Lotto was my way of earning here but a lot of players doing the same lately so competition is tough. lol

majestic12, autoroxy is good but with house edge, we’re bound to lose. Recovering through lotto is good but lotto is based on luck. You cant make sure to always get a spot on 1st daily. VIP is still a risky investment for me unless I can make an ROI on wheel or slot alone – which is possible at high levels

As you see players are skeptical about what I’m doing. Am I skeptical after today loss? No way, I like what I do very much and I believe in what I do. And I and Roxy have big plans.

I and Roxy have big plans
I and Roxy have big plans © Mistress Roxy Jezel official site

Roxy takes much to give. But after taking she gives. All you need is time to wait. I have it. And I love dice and lottery☺ They were nice to me so I shared a bit with them. Repayment is coming.

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