FaucetGame is closing in 30 days

FaucetGame is closing. Sad to say but it’s not a joke. FaucetGame will be closed in next 30 days. Here’s what’s written in the official announcement.

What I’m about to say is probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. After giving this a lot of thought and sleepless nights I’ve decided that I won’t be able to continue operating the Faucet Gaming Network due to lack of time to dedicate to them. If you are not aware, below is the list of Faucet Gaming Network sites:

– FaucetGame.com
– GameFaucet.com
– PokeBits.com
– SatoshiWars.com
– FreeBTCMine.com
– BlockFaucet.com
– CryptoRacers.com
– VirtualPub.io
– CryptoWarfare.io
– RainPool.io

Each one of these sites has a history. Each one started from nothing and became something. Each one is a community. Each one is a unique and fun experience. Each one of them is my baby, making it a tear-jerking moment to have to end their lives after such a great ride to this point in time.

Admin promises to soften withdrawal limits.

There’s no need to worry as each of my sites will have their withdraw limits significantly lowered and daily limits removed, to allow you to withdraw your complete balances in full to your FaucetHub account like usual for 1 month after the date of this post. For those of you who have a lifetime VIP account on FaucetGame.com, a partial refund will be issued based on how much you have left to ROI on the purchase. In addition to that, you will be granted a lifetime Premium account here.

It’s not done so far. I tried to withdraw more than 50 000 Satoshi today and failed.

Withdrawal limits on FaucetGame are still the same
Withdrawal limits on FaucetGame are still the same

I had a plan to withdraw 2.5 mln Satoshi spent to run FaucetGame VIP test and leave all extra balance to play. Now it’s clear I will withdraw every Satoshi since FaucetGame is closing.

Upgrading to level 14 was a bad idea from point of money. But I love this idea because I spent last 10 days closer to my queen palmy:)

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